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Ramp Construction

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Skate Ramp Materials, Construction and Instructions

Frozen Waves ramps are easy to assemble, easy to move, re-arrange and connect to each other! Our ramps are shipped to your door and can be easily assembled with just power screwdriver (or regular screwdriver if you have Popeye arms)!

Quarter Pipe Exploded View

Frozen Waves ramps come in sections with pre-drilled holes, all hardware, and can be quickly assembled with our
easy to follow instructions.

Ramp construction material list:

  • CDX 4-ply plywood
  • Yellow pine 2x4s
  •  Double coated with weather resistant paint
  • Skatelite on the riding surface
    (optional but recommended for outdoor use)
  • 8″ aluminum bottom plate 1/8″ thick
  • Aluminum stripping on edges
  • Galvanized aluminum coping

Skate Ramp Configuration Options

Instead of the assembled ramp being all one piece with the deck connected, we design our ramps to come apart so
they can be easily moved, re-arranged and re-configured so you can change up
your ramp layouts to give you more skating options for different tricks.

Quarter Pipe Skate Ramp Quarter Pipe Ramp Deck

Most of our ramps can also be connected to each other so as you buy
additional ramps you can come up with unique layouts.

Spine Ramp with Deck Spine Ramp

Two quarter pipes can be connected to each other with a deck in the middle or
remove the deck to create a spine ramp…

Bank Ramp with Quarter Pipe and Deck Bank Ramp and Quarter Pipe
Connect a bank ramp to the quarter pipe deck for landing tricks on your board
or bike… remove the deck and separate the ramps as close or as far apart as
you want.


These are just a couple configurations with only two different types of
! Frozen Waves has lots more ramps where those came from and we’re always
adding new and unique ramps to our online store -

Frozen Waves Skateboard Ramp Store

Skateboard Ramp Assembly Instructions

All Frozen Waves skateboard ramps come with easy to follow assembly
instructions.  The top deck, riding surface, side transitions and
coping come as pre-assembled sections that just need to be connected with
the 2×4 braces!

A couple example pages from our easy to follow quarter pipe assembly

Ramp Assembly Instructions Example 1
Ramp Assembly Instructions Example 2

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